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Common Misconceptions About Wireless Home Alarms

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There was a time when a hard-wired alarm system was the only viable option. These days wireless home alarms are being seen more and more. This is leading some homeowners to wonder about whether or not they can offer the same protection. The good news is that they can. Installing one of these systems will offer your house and family the protection that you want and need. The good news is, that it does so at less cost to you.

An alarm is used to alert others to a potential problem. Whether you are hard-wired or not, the alarm has the same job. The sensors will pick up on doors or windows opening or glass being broken. The siren will sound and you will hear it. Your neighbors or those passing by will hear it as well. One thing that a criminal does not want is a lot of noisy attention being drawn to him or her.

The fact is that these systems work in much the same way. You can have them monitored or not, the choice is up to you and your budget. Even if you choose not to have the one you put in your home monitored, you can still set it up to make phone calls. The system can call one or more numbers anytime the siren is sounded.

The way this type of system works is that it sends a signal to a control panel. When you install the system, you will be installing a control panel. The sensors will send a signal to the control panel when they sense a problem.

When the control panel receives the signal it will then sound the siren. It will also alert the monitoring company if you are using one. The control panel is also programmed to make phone calls to the numbers you have set up during installation. This can mean that you get a call, a friend or neighbor or even the police department.

Technology has truly come a long way. In the distant past the reason that so many people had a negative view of this kind of system was due to the high number of false alerts. The advances in technology have cut out this problem and is no longer something that you must worry about.

One major difference between these and the hard-wired type is the money that you will save on installation. You can set up your entire system in a very short amount of time. Often in only an hour or so. Being able to install these yourself is one of the many reasons why so many people are giving these a try. Professional installation of a hard-wired system can cost hundreds of dollars.

Wireless home alarms will protect you just as well as other types. They come with many of the same features and services available. When it comes to protecting your residence, you are in control. You can get a basic kit or you can add more customizable features such as lighting or cameras. Whatever you feel is necessary to protect your property and family can be included.

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